New! Better Than Bombproof: New Ways to Make Your Horse a Solid Citizen and Keep You Safe on the Ground, in the Arena, and on the Trail

In order to avoid risking life and limb when the unexpected strikes, this definitive follow-up manual provides further in-depth instructions on how to “bombproof” horses. This method of training works for any number of unexpected incidents and unusual terrain, such as backfiring cars, speeding motorcycles, floating plastic bags, and crossing water and ditches. After reviewing the techniques from the first volume, this guide simplifies an array of new challenges: behavior problems, trailer loading, navigating parades and large gatherings, defensive riding, and self-defense techniques for the rider.

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Spook Less Sound Conditioning CD

$24.95 plus shipping & handling

This recently released equine sound conditioning CD is a must have for mounted patrol units serious about bomb-proof training.

Complete with 2-discs, this handy tool provides over 61 tracks of common and not-so-common sounds including: Air Tools & Compressors, Aluminum Bleachers, Bagpipes, Big Cats & Elephant, Branches Snapping & Rocks Falling, Building Implosion, Calliope, Cannon, Cans Rattling, Car Alarms, Chainsaws, Chaos/Mayhem/Riot, City Busses, Construction Tools, Crop Duster Airplane, Dirt Bikes, Farm Tractors, Farrier & Blacksmith, Fireworks, Glass Breaking, Heavy Duty Construction Equipment, Helicopters, Horse Show Stable Ambience, Horses Galloping, Jackhammer, Jets, Marching Band, Metal Gates, Motorcycles, Mountain Bikes, Parade Ride, Quail Flushing, Rattlesnake, Sleigh Bells, Taps, Recall, Tarp & Flag, Trains, Wild Turkeys Flushing, Whips, and Wood Bridge.

Bomb-Proofing Your Horse by Rick Pelicano

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Learn first-hand how to successfully de-sensitize your horse with Rick Pelicano’s new book from Tralfagar Press. Released 2004, this step-by-step guide illustrates the “comfort zone” techniques conducted by Rick at his well-sought-after clinics. The book is considered a must-have manual for the everyday civilian rider irregardless of discipline.

All riders deserve a take-home prize from one of Rick’s invaluable clinics. That’s why his recently released book through Tralfagar Press, Bomb-proofing Your Horse, is a must-have tool for the serious rider.

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